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Expired Listing Audit

Expired Listing Audit

My licensed staff & I will research, review &/or provide the following items regarding your property, absolutely free, with no obligation:

     A.  We will review your answers to the questions below.
     B.  We will review & analyze the previous MLS listing(s) information, MLS attachments & links.
     C.  We will search for & review all of the publicly available online marketing that was done on 
          your property and make marketing recommendations.
     D.  We will provide you with a side by side Expired Listing Audit report for your review.
     E.  We will provide a current Competitive Market Analysis re: current market value and re
           commended professional full-service marketing plan.
     F.  We will provide Staging recommendations.
      *   If your home has sold or been relisted, please ignore this message.

*However, in order to fully audit the previous listing(s), please answer the following questions (if the question doesn’t apply, enter "N/A")  PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE 100 QUESTIONS SO PLEASE ALLOW @ 15 MINUTES TO COMPLETE - the more details you provide, the more accurate our Audit will be.):

3. Did your agent provide an Ownership & Encumbrance report provided from Title Company?
4. Did your agent provide pre-listing property condition report?
5. Did you preview existing competing listings with your agent in person?
7. Did your agent provide a recommendation of repairs or improvements?
9. Did your agent provide recommendations for staging?
10. Was a home warranty obtained at beginning of listing period?
11. What type of photographs did your agent provide?
12. Did your agent provide a 3D Matterport interactive virtual tour?
13. Did you provide extra pictures not used in MLS advertising (i.e. gardens in summer, etc.)?
14. Did you or your agent provide floorplans?
15. Did your agent provide pre-offer packet in the home (disclosures, offer instructions, etc.)?
16. Did your agent provide special feature cards on display throughout the home?
17. Did your agent provide a custom property website?
18. Did your agent provide booties in a basket by front door?
19. Did your agent provide lock box access for licensed brokers?
20. Did your agent provide you with a marketing implementation timeline?
21. Was your agent or a team member available by phone 7 days a week?
22. Did your agent provide a professional For Sale sign in your front yard or window?
23. Did your agent provide a brochure box at the sign?
24. Was a property website URL, QR code &/or text for more info visible on sign or sign rider?
25. Did your agent provide a YouTube property video?
26. Did your agent provide a traditional virtual tour of property?
27. Did your agent inform all of agent's/company’s current buyers of the new listing?
28. Were brochures provided by your agent?
29. Were the brochures 1, 2, 3 or 4 pages?
30. Were the brochures printed in color or black & white?
31. Was a QR code used in the marketing either on the sign, sign rider or printed materials?
32. Did brochures clearly state the listed price?
33. Was the full MLS info on brochures?
34. How many pictures were in the property brochure?
35. Was custom property website URL on brochures?
36. Was the QR code on brochures?
37. Was the YouTube video link on the brochures?
38. Did your agent provide a pdf format color brochure to be used for email marketing?
39. Did your agent provide a lender flyer explaining financing options?
40. Did your agent provide a professional showing service to manage showings(24/7)?
41. Did your agent provide online seller access to the showing control panel?
42. Did your agent request & provide feedback on all showings?
43. Did your agent suggest an initial 3-4 day bid period (aka launch week)?
44. Did your agent mail a just listed postcard to at least 200 neighboring homes?
45. Did your agent provide a just listed email to at least 1,000 local real estate agents?
46. Did your agent perform a reverse prospect match MLS search?
47. Did your agent email the listing information to all reverse prospect matches?
48. Are you aware of any social media promotion by your previous agent?
50. Did your agent provide any open houses?
51. Did your agent notify you in writing that the marketing had been implemented on time as agreed?
52. Did your agent provide a weekly update phone call?
53. Did your agent provide a weekly update email or text?
54. How many total showings were scheduled during your previous listing?
55. How many offers did you receive?
57. Did you go under contract with a buyer who later terminated?
59. What type of primary heat system do you have?
60. What is the approx. age of the primary heat system?
61. What type of primary cooling do you have?
62. What is the approx. age of the primary cooling system?
63. What type of water heater(s) do you have?
64. What is the approx. age of the water heater(s)?
65. What are the total amps of the electrical service panel/breaker Box?
66. What is the approx. age of the electrical service panel/breaker Box?
68. What type of primary wiring is in the home?
69. If the home has aluminum wiring, have the outlets been pigtailed with copper by a licensed electrician?
70. Does the home currently have a Radon Mitigation system?
71. If you do not have a Radon Mitigation system, has the home been tested during your ownership?
73. What is the roof material?
74. Approximately, when was the current roof installed?
75. Have the windows in your home ever been replaced?
76. Has the sewer line ever been repaired or replaced?
77. Are there any minor or major structural concerns with the home?
79. Is there any significant concrete damage to the porches, steps, sidewalks or driveway?
82. Do you have an automatic lawn sprinkler system?
83. Are there any dead or diseased trees or shrubs on the property?
85. Do you feel your last agent did a good job at marketing your property?
89. Do you plan to relist your property for sale with your previous agent?
90. Do you still live in the property?
91. Did you offer to provide possession on the day of closing?
92. If not, how many days were you hoping to still occupy the property after closing?
93. Do you still want to sell the property?
95. What type of loan do you currently have on the property?
97. Were you offering any type of $ monetary credit to the Buyer to be used for any of the following: Interest Rate Buydown, Closing Costs, Decorating Allowance, etc?
100. Are you or your spouse / partner a licensed real estate broker in Colorado?

Thanks for answering the questions!

Please allow 1 business day for Report.

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